"The conductor made the orchestra sound better than ever.  He produced exceptionally beautiful nuances in the orchestral playing.  This was one of the best performances of the PPO I attended in Manila.  BravoMaestro Ochanine!"

- Juan Lanuza, BusinessWorld


"Olivier Ochanine is a world--class music director. Not only is he very personable, but at such a young age, he has been able to make the Philippine Philharmonic sound better than ever... he is a magnanimous director and will bring out the best of any orchestra.."

- world renowned flutist Viviana Guzman


"Olivier Ochanine is on his sixth year of engagement as the Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. That he was extended twice by our board since he arrived in 2010 is testimony to the unique set of skills he brings to bear on his post: his ability to create concert repertoires that expand, challenge and showcase the orchestra's impressive performance, as well as introduce the audience to equally beautiful but lesser known works of the masters. Ochanine's youthful energy, his immersion in Filipino culture, and willingness to engage with people across all media resonate with a growing young generation of concert-goers. Today, you cannot listen to the PPO and not want to hear more. We credit Ochanine for much of this."

- Emily Abrera, Chairperson of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Board of Directors


" was obvious the PPO was in good shape.  Conductor Olivier Ochanine made sure it would be a memorable evening.  To this writer, it was the PPO at one of its best and Ochanine at his most-inspired moments.  They deserved that rousing ovation."

- Pablo Tariman, Philippine Inquirer


"I enjoyed collaborating with Olivier on the Brahms Concerto immensely. His knowledge of the score, insightful and sensitive conducting , and podium energy led to one of the best performances in recent memory. I am excited to work with this wonderful conductor many times in the future."

- Odin Rathnam, former Concertmaster, Harrisburg Symphony


"Olivier Ochanine is one of the most talented conductors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Apart from having acquired a highly skilled conducting technique, he has a unique talent in uncovering the specific flair of the composers’ intentions. I am convinced that Olivier will become one of the most successful and sought after conductors of his generation."

- Achim Holub, Music Director of The London Classical Soloists


"It was our great pleasure to work with Maestro Olivier Ochanine of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and we are so happy to hear that the Cultural Center of the Philippines Board of Directors has decided to extend his term.  We need more artists like him in the Philippines where there is a dearth of ballet conductors.."

- Edna Vida Froilan, ballet dancer and choreographer for award winning Ballet Philippines

"He was in absolute command throughout! 'The Rite of Spring' was most exhausting to conduct and at its close, the triumphant but obviously weary Ochanine acknowledged the thunderous applause for his astounding, indeed, overwhelming performance on the podium."

- Rosalinda Orosa, Philippine Star


"In my 30 years with the San Francisco Symphony, I have seen so many young conductors come and grow but still it is rare to find one who combines a clear confident technique, a sophisticated sense of style and the kind of communicative aura which makes people want to respond to his ideas, which are based in utmost integrity."-

- Steven Dibner, Associate Principal Bassoonist, San Francisco Symphony


“We are thankful for the contribution of conductor Olivier Ochanine. Through the five years he has been with the orchestra, he has taken the effort to make the audience and its music closer to its audiences, especially the young people. He has made time to listen and immerse himself in the local music scene, and this has made his tenure with the PPO a special one.”-

- Chris Millado, Vice President and Artistic Director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines


"I could say without any doubt that Ochanine is a titan of the podium.  He has definitely arrived.  His boyish looks betray his ability to wield the baton maturely, not literally in a magical manner but with commanding authority."

- Antonio Hila, Philippine Inquirer